Engineering Services

Engineering Analysis and Testing

DCS analyzes engineering methods, designs, and procedures related to generation, transmission, distribution, and use of electricity and communication signals.

Examples of past engineering work include analyses of:

  • electrical and communication utility and customer installation grounding systems
  • residential, commercial, and industrial electrical and communication circuits and  installations
  • pole selection, testing, inspection, and replacement programs
  • emergency power systems
  • power quality
  • electrical noise and EMF issues
  • foundations and structures
  • lightning protection systems
  • electronic meters
  • Standards Development

DCS also tests and evaluates electrical products and equipment for compliance with applicable standards and for failure characteristics. Examples include electrical components as well as consumer products.

Individual engineers at DCS are licensed in Alabama*, Florida*, Hawaii, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico*, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina**, Texas*, and Virginia.

* Inactive/Retired, ** Emeritus

Where there is an indication * or ** by the state, the engineer is currently listed as “retired,” or “inactive” in that state and engineering services are not currently offered. For any desired engineering work in those states, contact DCS to speak to the individual licensee.