Expert Witness and Litigation Services

Forensic Accident Investigation and Analysis

DCS personnel have performed over 600 forensic and accident investigation assignments. NESC, NEC, and OSHA experts John Dagenhart provides expert witness services and analyze failures of equipment, products, structures, operations, and procedures. Many of these are related to electrical contact accidents or building fires, equipment or product fires or failures, utility line structure or conductor failures, and wildfires alleged to have been caused by electrical lines or equipment.

DCS personnel are particularly qualified to assess allegations of failure to meet the National Electrical Safety Code, the National Electrical Code, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, and related or similar standards.

DCS is experienced in conducting tests and accident reconstructions to determine or illustrate the cause(s) of accidents, equipment failure, structural failure, and fires and to prove or refute allegations concerning causal relationships.

Depending on the assistance desired, DCS personnel provide reports and expert witness testimony on the cause(s) of the accident or failure. We also produce trial exhibits and make static or operating models, as needed to simplify explanations to courts or other decision-makers.

Dispute Resolution

Often the best method of resolving disputes between utilities, engineers, contractors, and customers is through arbitration or mediation. Dagenhart Consulting Services can assist arbitrators or mediators in analyzing cases and assist in preparing presentations and testimony.